Winter Outings – Williamstown, Hobsons Bay, Port Melbourne Pt 1

We have been endeavoring to push ourselves to get out more and explore this winter, as opposed to hiding at home watching DVDs……’s definitely more interesting (albeit often colder and sometimes wetter) & most probably healthier! So the other weekend we headed off down to Williamstown, Victoria. It’s a lovely old part of Melbourne, lots of historic homes from the early Victorian era, plus the Westgate Bridge, the Bay, lighthouses and maybe stop off at Scienceworks Museum in the afternoon. Sounds like a plan…………well you know what they say about best made plans? Moth and I have become used to having to alter plans because the original was not working. Today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS. We got to Williamstown…….we drove past Science Works on the way to the Bay, the line to cue up was enormous, I have no idea why today was special, but judging by that line and the sheer amount of grumpy kids queuing up, we would not be going there today. That’s fine, and continued on to theHMAS Yarra Memorial and the Gate House near the foot of the Westgate Bridge, interesting (but windy) so we had a look around, took a few pics and moved on.

We drove along the waterfront, looking for interesting old house; mmmmmmmm apparently not many of them are of historic interest, as they seem to be either demolished and replaced with ultra modern homes, or in such a state of dis repair they NEED to be demolished, and are all fenced off! So seeing stately old houses was a bust……..I wasn’t in the mood to break into private properties to photograph old houses in decay, so we again continued on. Wow hunting historic homes was fast becoming lost cause.  We continued along to Gellibrand Point to the lighthouse, again mildly interesting, but really windy. Could not spot what was left of the Gellibrand Pile light, can’t get into the lighthouse, not much else to do here – Williamstown was turning into a complete bust!

So we continued on to Hobson’s Bay, this was actually a little more interesting. There is the Mobile Oil Refinery, there was this tidal flat, marshy area which was supposed to be a bird sanctuary and some dilapidated houses and old cars and a caravan, well what was left of one (Oops). Not entirely sure it wasn’t private property, so we quickly took a few pics, and left. By then the wind was getting really bad, so we left the bird sanctuary for another time. We had seen an Antique / Junk Shop on the way in and thought it sounded like a great place to get out of the wind! This was such a great spot, I will have to give it it’s own post. After spending way too much time here, we headed back into Williamstown to find some lunch.

We wandered up and down the main street, and a few side streets of Williamstown and had a sticky beak at a few old churches and houses, we headed down main street to an Italian Restaurant (just for something different hehehe), pizza was OK, not amazing, but quite good. Williamstown had turned into a bust, as even here, most shops were closed (many permanently), it was not what we were expecting, so we though we would head back into Melbourne and back along the bay to Brighton. I have wanting to go back to Brighton, the Baths and beach houses for ages. Moth also said there was a little park just under the Westgate Bridge that might be worth a visit as well. So off we went.

Westgate Park

What a fantastic little park, a real gem, just off Todd Rd on the inbound side of the of the Westgate Bridge from Williamstown. there is a salt water and a fresh water lake, walking tracks, bike tracks, plants and birds and a huge array of mushrooms and toadstools! There are sculptures and art works from old rocks and discarded remnants from when the bridge collapsed in the 70’s. The best thing about the salt water lake is the bacterial algae, which makes the pink! REALLY pink all the time, harmful apparently, but it looked so pretty, especially with a long exposure shot.


So we spent quite some time wandering around the tracks and investigating this lovely little spot, as did many other people. So strange to see such beauty nestled next to fields of containers, working yards and of course the Westgate Bridge. So we finally said good bye to the park and moved closer in to Melbourne.

I think I might leave it there for today and continue on next week with Part 2, until then happy snapping

– Julz