Tech Talk – ICE 10 Stop ND Filter – Review

I was looking around for a new ND filter, as I really was not happy with my Adjustable Circular ND Filter and I really didn’t want to pay out the really big bucks to get the filter systems that some photographers are using. I had found a few people who were recommending the ICE filter, so I thought I would check it out. When I saw it on Amazon priced for approx US$30, but I figured it pretty cheap………I could always get a Big Lee Stopper if it didn’t work. So I ordered it and waited for my package to arrive.

I was relieved to find a good quality filter and not cheap crap, as well as being able to put additional filters on as well. The overall quality seems very good, however I am only comparing what I know and not the big boys toys! Granted it only fits one lens, but it is easy to get on and off, and I will eventually order one to fit my other lens……….still at US$30 it is so much cheaper to buy 2 or more lenses than getting into some big, awkward kit. Perhaps in time I might go there, but for now I am really happy with ICE. It was so much better than my adjustable ND Filter, which I always seem to have trouble with. The images are great, not discolored, as I have heard others complain about with cheaper filters. I also found there was no vignetting as I had on my other filter, which I usually had to crop out of images.

Now to be honest I have really only used it a few times, as not long after it arrived I had an incident with the camera and the lens the filter fits, had to go off for repairs. But so far every shot has been flawless. I haven’t even tried it with my CL Polariser Filter added to it yet.

So in summary, if you are just toying with long exposures and want a good cheap ND Filter, give ICE Filters a go, they have other options (4,6 stops) and other lens sizes. However there does not seem to be anything smaller than a 62mm? I know I tried to get one for my kit lens 😦 …..step up/down rings it is (but THAT is a story for another day)

– Julz