Manic Mondays

Wasn’t I just saying things were a little quiet? I should learn to keep my mouth shut……hehehe, So it’s all hands back on deck, as thing get all Manic again. I must admit most of the last week was actually fairly quiet, it heated up again on Friday, just in time for the weekend. I did however feel like kicking myself for not going back down to Sorrento to shoot the Aurora Australis on Tuesday or Wednesday Night, I was too scared and girly to go by myself (silly really, there were others there I have seen their photos), and Wednesday Moth was too tired from work and we ended up with lots of cloud so we never did go, but  I wish I had, but you know what they say about wishes? I kept looking up from my place, but there was way too much light pollution and clouds. I really do have to stop being a sook and shoot on my own occasionally.

Anyway I spent all of the weekend in the studio, either getting ready for shoots, tidying up after one, or doing a shoot. I need to do a really big general tidy up. Still trying to get rid of the Gym :-(. I seem to have become a dumping ground for people emptying their sheds, garages and attics, most of it is junk, however they have been quite a few treasures in amongst it all. I think I am going to have to start saying NO soon, I do not know how much more I can store in my Studio. I have even been getting crafty again, this time girly baby head bands and angel wings! Pics soon

I got to try out another fantasy shoot – Mermaids. I had some special costumes made by a very lovely friend of mine, and then called in a favor for my Model for this shoot. Will post images soon. Most of my shoots this week was grown ups, a few kids and another Newborn later this week.  I also did an engagement shoot, just for something different. I think Wedding Seasons is about to pounce for Spring! I have been invited to go to a Train Cemetery (more like a dumping ground / museum of sorts for old train stuff). Should prove to be interesting, for both Moth and Myself, but more on that next week.

Still no word on the camera, I really am getting impatient for my lens and Moth for the camera. I think he is getting quite keen on the idea of a camera of his own. Moth is already planning on the next lens purchase a 10 – 24mm wide angle! Why is it when I wanted it, it was too expensive, did I really need it? etc – lol

Finally I will leave you with some images of a reserve not far from here I have been meaning to visit, just to see what’s there. I finally got off my butt, on my own and did……..just proves you never know what is in your own back yard. It was one of those clear, crisp Winter days, the sun was just starting to set when I got there, eerily quiet, yet quite lovely considering Bunnings, Good Guys, etc were just over the rise. I posted these images on Facebook and Google+ and a few people locally, asked exactly where it was, and they were surprised it was there. Mind you I also had a few people then add, have you been to such n such? Which I did not know was there……….so I will be doing some more exploring soon I hope.

So I hope you all have a great week………til next time, happy snapping

– Julz