One Photo Focus – July

Stacy Fischer from Visual Venturing runs One Photo Focus. Every month Stacy offers us a photo which someone has taken and then encourages us to alter it in Post Processing, anyway we see fit!  July’s image is a Photo by Robyn Kent, I have dubbed it Independence Day! As soon as I saw this image I was thinking about the movie Independence Day, and the scene where the aliens attack the White House (I know this isn’t the White house…………………but bear with me anyway). I knew another epic, edit marathon was coming on again, just like last month’s House of Horror. So in view of the fact that American Independence Day is very near, I proceeded with the image in this fashion;

  1. Removed the blue sky and replaced with one of my own astrophotography pics
  2. Added the bottom of a random UFO I found online, and altered it of course, as well as a few other additional UFOs in the pic as well…………obviously a UFO attack would consist of more than one UFO!
  3. Added lightning bolts and laser beams from the head UFO to the top of the building
  4. Removed the people in the picture and replaced with people running away frightened
  5. Added a crashed UFO in the fore ground…………c’mon…………us mere Earthlings have to have a win sometimes
  6. Added alien robots chasing frightened people
  7. Add smoke and fires, giving it a hell on earth look

Picnic Dinner

Sorry Robyn, this is probably not what you had in mind when you put forth the image, but then again maybe it was!

Robin Kent One Photo Focus July
Robin Kent One Photo Focus July – Original Image

Anyway until next time…..happy snapping (and editing)….

– Julz