Tuesday’s Tales from the Shoot – The Mermaid and The Princess

Mermaid_Rock-2 A little while ago, I was asked if I do Mermaids? Sure I said, I am sure I could Photoshop something, then the shoot fell through, but the seed was already planted. Now I know from my own Daughters (now grown women) and from my fairy and ballerina shoots, little girls love to get dressed up. Just sitting on a chair pretending isn’t half as fun as dressing up and pretending. So I mentioned this to a friend, who mentioned to another friend, who then offered to make me some mermaid tails! WOW how cool is that? So I picked some fabric, I went with a lovely pale blue, with sparkles and a soft purple. Skip forward a few weeks and they have arrived, along with bags of other goodies. This lady makes costumes for a dance school, and she brought over a whole heap of other old costumes, no longer required! So I arranged my model for a trial shoot, and we tried a few different poses and styles. Mostly she was sitting in front of this full moon backdrop on a stool or ottoman. We also tried laying on the floor, but I think this shot is a winner. This was several weeks in the planning, as so often some of my fantasy shoots are. I think this one is almost ready to take public, my next foray is into Pirates……..more on this later. Honestly I am not sure who is having more fun?

11412334_1465244657107685_8126674047045810848_nAnyway Little Miss is such a trooper, even when I knocked the backdrop over trying to reach behind it to grab something (I store a lot of junk behind my backdrops………..keeps it all hidden) anyway poor Little Miss, she was laying on the floor when suddenly she was covered in sheets……….startled a few years out of her I think. She was not hurt, my rig is very light and portable – too light it seems, even with weights. So we picked her up, dusted her off and once she calmed down (she did get quite a fright), we then proceeded to do something a little more fun…………Princess time. In amongst all the costumes I got, was a Cinderella costume. I even had a Tiara. I then as a thank you, did this composition image……….very Disney like, but not Disney! And Cinderella is so in again……I myself watched the new movie just recently, charming little movie, I have always liked the Cinderella story.

Until next time………….dream big, & happy snapping

– Julz