Pro Blogger 31 Day Challenge – DAY 1, The Elevator Pitch

Some of you may have already seen, heard or joined Pro Blogger’s 31 Day Blog Challenge. I have had such an amazing month in June, it has spurned me on to do better, offer more and learn along the way. So I thought I would join the ProBlogger’s 31 Day challenge to see if I can be a better Blogger. Day 1 is the Elevator Pitch. To learn more visit the ProBlogger website.

So what is MY elevator pitch?

“Creating and capturing life’s precious moments”

Life can be fleeting, so enjoy it while you can; capture and create lasting memories for a life time of living. Live, laugh, love. Don’t just be a spectator, join in.

I would like to take my readers on a journey of discovery and learning as I grow my blog, my business and my skills. Join me as I travel locally and abroad, I will share my photos and tales of studio shoots, places I have visited and things I have learned and sights I have seen. In essence a journey of discovery. I will endeavor to pass on things I have learnt along the way, some photographic, some whilst traveling, some about family and friends and some just about life. Remember you have to be in IT, to win IT.

– Julz