OWPC – Tsunami

One Word Photographic Challenge by Jennifer Nichole Wells, this week is Tsunami, (AKA The Wedding Season). We are mid way through Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and thoughts turn to Spring, which of course marks of the start of the Wedding Season. If you have been married, planned a wedding, attended a wedding you know that it is a virtual Tsunami of emotions, nerves and hard work! It can hit you harder than a wall of water after an earthquake, it uproots everything and makes sane people, completely insane – Bridezilla! (Just kidding).

So my take on this week’s challenge has absolutely nothing to do with the weather and is instead an ode to all those long suffering wedding planners and photographers, this year will mark my first official wedding (other than my daughter’s above), as photographer. As per usual with everything I do, I am planning to perfection and trying to cover every eventuality. But no doubt there will be more on this later.

– Julz