Winter Outings – Williamstown, Hobsons Bay, Port Melbourne Pt 2

So last week I started our journey around Williamstown, Hobson’s Bay and Port Melbourne;  I will start this week where I left of at  Westgate Park. We headed further into the city, it was while we were in Port Melbourne, driving down Bay Street, Moth said he had never turned right at the end of that particular street……….so we did and found Beacon Cove. Oh such a lovely spot, it deserves it’s own Post. I will be back one day, of this I am sure.

We wandered on, under and around Princes Pier, dropped a camera (read here). We eventually decided it was time to move on, I still wanted to get to Brighton Beach. We saw a map at Princes Pier where it mentioned Gas Works Arts Park, we thought it might be worth a quick visit. We were not really sure what we would find and was actually pleasantly surprised. This is where the Gaslight Theatre is, they showcase many productions and indigenous pieces, as well as smaller theatrical works, from what I could gather. There is also an artist compound of sorts, there were various buildings each for a different field; ceramics, painters, sculptures, wood work and many others. These were all housed in the wonderful & expressive red brick buildings which comprised the old Gas Works in Port Melbourne, it was mainly closed by the time we got there, but to wander the expansive grounds, peek in windows and see the many varied and wonderful artworks, inside and out, was terrific. It is also a huge dog park! There were dogs of every breed and color racing all over the place chasing balls, frisbees and sticks. I could not help but take way too many photos, and as the light was really starting to fade, my hopes of getting to Brighton Beach today faded just as quickly. Oh well, there is always next time. As it was now getting quite late, and very cold we headed over to Ackland Street to our favorite coffee house for a hot cuppa, before we headed home. For a cold Sunday night, it was surprisingly busy in St. Kilda. Eventually we made our way back home, to the warmth and shelter from the winds which had followed us ALL day.


Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…….

– Julz