Manic Mondays

The Week just gone…

Things got a little crazy about 10 days ago………..I have not stopped since; babies, mermaids & princess, couples, families, trains, and more kids. I also managed to sell the home gym – finally. So Yay! Now there is more room, but I am exhausted! I hopefully have a few days now of peace and quiet. Need to spend some quality time on the PC to edit all these shoots, before next weekend. It seems to me that even when I think things will be quiet, I get a sudden rush of calls and it all turns around, it’s nice to know my name is slowly getting around. It seems I am answering the phone and they say that so and so gave them my business card, or they saw my Facebook Page, Website or Blog. So that’s pretty cool.

In the Studio…

I guess the question becomes, how long until I can put my prices up and start making some real money instead of chump change. Currently I think I’m working for about $2.00 an hour (by the time you throw editing in). I figure I can’t charge as much as known professionals, but then I am only really in it for fun. But it would be nice to cover the costs of props etc and maybe some camera gear!! I knew going into this there are a lot of photographers out there, so I am not surprised by how cut throat it is, I also understand the prices some people charge……..there is more work behind the scenes than most people think. Then there are a lot of hacks, I have had people come to me, after they have been stung by someone else, I’ve seen their photos, heard how much they paid and feel really bad for them; one family I felt so bad I did their portraits  for free, they were THAT bad. Well I guess they will keep coming back to me now, but really, how often do you get a family portrait done? Not once a month that’s for sure. I like to think I can offer a value add with my graphic designer skills and creativity, like the fantasy shots. Yes, there are a few people out there doing them, but they are usually really dark, wishy washy images, no spark, no life. Yes there are some absolutely fabulous ones out there as well, but they charge a small fortune for a single photo………..I don’t (maybe I should?). Then there is also the Graphic Design component, Invites (Birthdays, Weddings, 21st), Save the Date cards, Thank Yous etc. I have to admit, I really love the newborns and kids portraits, it is always such chaos and fun.

The week ahead….

OK so what’s on? I’ll be on the PC most of this week, so I’ll try not to flood the Blog with too many cutesy photos of kids in costumes!! I have a post about a trip Moth and I did to Brighton Beach (Melbourne, Australia) the other week, I finally got around to editing all the pics. I seemed to have gotten a little creative and perhaps carried away with One Photo Challenge (again hehehe)…….it seems the more cuteness I am photographing; the weirder, more abstract and often dark my own artwork becomes, I think have mentioned this before? On Saturday Moth and I visited the Australia Steam and Locomotive Museum (AKA Cemetery / Junk area), in Williamstown, with the Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group through Meetups. I have been on a few now, does anyone else use Meetups? I have not been with this group before, I have been on the Nikon one a few times, and I have some lined up over the next few months. It was really quite cold, but the rain held off. Great spot to wander around, I’ll put just a few pics at the end of this post. It is such a shame the state some of the trains are in, but makes for some fascinating images.

Pro Blogger 31 Day Challenge….

I ended up finishing June off with 300 followers, now that’s cool. I guess I must be doing something right. I guess to some Bloggers this is mere peanuts, but to me it is all pretty exciting. I wonder if I can make 1,000 by the end of my first year? I must admit to being a little envious of the people with 1,000+ followers but how do they keep up with all the comments and notifications? With that thought in mind I thought I would try my hand at the Pro Blogger 31 Day challenge, which started last Wednesday (1st July). So far it has been working, even more followers now and it’s been barely 1 week! It is all pretty interesting stuff, mostly for marketing and selling stuff on your website, which I don’t, but it does pose the questions of who is my target audience and what can I offer?


Melbourne Dawn--2I am looking at exhibiting some of my photos in a local art show, deciding what images to use is the hard part. There are no real categories in each section; landscape, abstract, portrait  etc, just drawing, painting, photography, sculpture etc. So I am re visiting a few of my favorite images, to make sure they are their very best, then I will print and frame then. Not sure how I will do, I mean some of my stuff is good, but is it that good? There are so many fabulous photographers out there. A few months ago I mentioned about putting a few images in some online competitions, my landscape did not do very well (overwhelming the number of entries), but my portrait ended up being like 25th out of a few thousand, so I guess that is pretty good, gives me some ideas on where to go next. I just wish they gave out some constructive criticism on why a particular piece was not considered,  as opposed to some others……..then at times you could see the winners and KNOW they were so much better. Perhaps If mine had been at a slightly different angle, a little less or more light, more or less tightly cropped…………the IF’s go on and on. So I am trying to be subjective with the images for this exhibition, and not get too caught up in WHAT IFs. A timely post on Protecting you and your images by Leanne Cole, gives me more to worry about 🙂


I have also been looking at do some writing for Weekend Notes, I discovered this a little while back and thought it was a fabulous idea. I do enjoy the writing / journal aspect almost as much as the traveling. I adore writing posts of places we have visited, and from all accounts everyone enjoys reading them. So I thought I would spread my wings a little. I certainly have a back catalog of places just around Melbourne, and many more to visit still to come. I have written my first editorial, you can check it out here; Exploring Brighton. And then quickly followed up with my 2nd William Ricketts Sanctuary. Please visit, they cover more areas than just Melbourne, in fact they cover most of Australia, UK and and USA, check then out.

Well I guess I’ll leave it here for now, here is just a few pics from the train cemetery,  I am hoping you all have a great week, until next time, happy snapping.

– Julz