Winter Outings – Brighton

St James's Church-8-3We awoke to a perfect Winter’s morning awash with sunshine and light breezes, it doesn’t happen all that often, so we must make the best of it. I had kept saying to Moth that I wanted to go back to Brighton Beach (I think I have mentioned it in a few posts as well), but we never seem to get there, so today we drove directly to Brighton! This is Brighton, Victoria, Australia, not England by the way, I drove, not flew 🙂 . On the way we went past the Old St James Church which burnt down earlier in the year, we stopped and took a few pics. I wrote about it in another post here. Anyway after a quick stop, we noticed a sign to Kamesburgh Gardens, Open to the public…….we had never been there, so we thought we would investigate. Absolutely stunning, even in Winter, definitely need to go back in Spring, there was a couple there, newlyweds, trying to take selfies with the gardens and mansion in the background, I offered to help. Maybe I should have offered them a quickie shoot and a business card? Or is that too presumptuous?

Anyway after a few photos we left and drove to Brighton Main beach. Actually fairly uninspiring, mostly rock, a bike/walk board walk, and lots of people with dogs! No sand…….so I grabbed a few pics and we headed off again. Next we went to The Brighton Baths, at Middle Brighton Beach, outrageous prices for parking, so we did not stay long, a quick walk along the board walk, a few photos, we did not go in the Baths, as we are not members, nor did we go into the Cafe/ Restaurant, there is a pier, lots of sandy beach, however there were so many people on the pier we didn’t bother walking to the end. Just a few photos.

Next we went to Dendy St and of course the Bathing Boxes, that is what it is famous for. We arrive mid afternoon, sun glinting off the water and tourists everywhere! I got a few photos without people, but there were so many out enjoying the sun, instead I took photos of people taking photos, and in some cases of them taking photos of others taking photos (does that make sense?). I will have to come back early morning and get some shots when the beach is a lot quieter.

So that was our Day out in Brighton, there is a lot more to explore, but there are only so many hours in a day.

Til next time, happy snapping

– Julz