Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Large Object

This week, Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is Large Object. OK so what is a large object? I mean it’s kind of subjective isn’t it? I mean a small simple daisy would be a large object to an Ant, where as to me it is tiny and dainty. Now tiny and dainty is something I am not, so what is large to me? A train, a building, a bridge, the pile of paperwork on my office desk? There are imaginary objects as well, my compulsion to do challenges, eat chocolate, spend hours on the computer re editing photos I thought I had finished with – these are very large obstacles to me.


Train-2-4So this is Heavy Harry, I really had trouble fitting him in, need that wide angle lens. This was taken at The Australian Steam & Locomotive Museum in Williamstown, Melbourne. It was very cold (less than 10C), but very interesting.

Am I over thinking this? Yes, probably another large obstacle for me! So I have put together a gallery of various assorted Large Objects, some are real, some imaginary and some philosophically;

Til next time…………happy snapping

– Julz