Nocturnal Activities or Playing Possum

Yesterday we had a visitor, a strange one for us. I honestly walked straight past it in the morning on my way to work (So did Moth), and wasn’t til it was pointed out to me……..we have a possum!

Here he is asleep when I got home, on top of the storm water drain pipe, next to the main beam which holds the front porch up, we have to pretty much walk under it to leave the house. Strange spot for a possum, he is a tiny little guy, a Ring Tail Possum, native, timid, but curious.

I went back out when it got dark and he had moved out of his sleeping spot to sit in the cherry blossom tree, he then climbed down one, past the pond and up the other tree.


We gave him some fruit, but he did not eat it, we left him alone for a little while, when we came back he had gone……..only a short visit, he no doubt has found a nicer home than my small cherry blossom trees. He was very sweet. Maybe he will come back again one day for a visit?

Til next time………..happy snapping and enjoy the small wonders nature has to offer, soon they may be gone

– Julz

P.S. I took a chance on my newly repaired and returned 18- 200mm lens……seems to me they fixed it, still feels a little tight, but the images are as sharp as ever!