Manic Mondays


Stop the Press!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a quick mention in passing about this, but will expand a little on this now, Moth and I are heading to Ayers Rock. (AKA Uluru) in a few weeks. We have both been working so hard, we need a little R&R and what a perfect opportunity to go to a complete Geek Fest in Uluru. It is an Astronomy / Astro Photography 3 day weekend, with cameras, telescopes, dinner, tours, Q&A, discussions, lectures…………everything space, astro, planets, black holes and the cosmos! Can’t wait, we will also take a few extra days to do some sight seeing. I will keep you all updated on this as it gets closer.

The Week that’s been…..

Fixed 18 - 22mm lens
Fixed 18 – 22mm lens

Another week has been and gone and the year rolls along, as usual it has been hectic, when isn’t it? However,  it has also been a very busy week at my 9-5 job as well, which has made things worse. Usually I can relax a little at work and do my blog on break :-), but not so this week. In fact I hit a proverbial wall on Thursday and spent most of the day in bed with a Migraine 😦 . We finally had the my old beloved Nikon camera (the one Moth dropped) looked at and hopefully fixed, it has now been returned and we are having to play with it on non urgent, non important stuff to make sure it is all OK………so far, so good. Moth now has his own camera, I guess it will be a crash course over the next few weeks………..oops bad wording there – Moth / Crash lol. But you know what I mean. He gets to learn how to use it before the next trip away.

Digital Scrap Booking

In the Studio……..

So I think I have mentioned the Gym finally sold and went the other week, so I have moved everything around and we are trying to put up a pulley system for the backdrops (my travel one is beginning to show signs of wear and tear and I need to save it for travel!!) Moth and I went on a shopping adventure on the weekend to buy up a few odds and ends for both the studio, and some camera gear. Who’s a lucky girl? I got a new Tripod and a new wide angle lens (10-24mm), Moth got a new backpack – all for our trip away of course! I currently have NO Shoots booked for this week, So maybe, just maybe I can relax a little this week, and work on some of my own projects (play with my new lens), I have been playing with a little bit of Digital Scrap booking, so far it seems like a lot of fun. This was an early attempt (shot with the new lens BTW).

The Week ahead….

Train-2-10So for this week, there are the usual challenges, and a post of the Vintage Train Museum we went to last week. I am still working on the Pro Blogger 31 Day challenge, is anyone else doing this too? I have been writing more Weekend Notes articles and getting a little bit of a collection, maybe I should add a archive of editorials on my website? Royal Botanic Gardens, Vintage Train Museum, William Ricketts Sanctuary. Plus of course the Brighton one I wrote last week. It has been fun and it spurs me on to visit other local areas, when ever I have the time. Thankfully I have a back catalog of places Moth and I have visited this last year.  I have also started participating a new weekly photo challenge…… ..this is last week’s version of Winters Tale Photo Rehab101 Cover Make Over, which has been a lot of fun, something different, we re make book covers, or movie posters, as we see fit.

Well that’s about it for now………….until next time happy snapping

– Julz