D.I.Y. Digital Scrapbooking, Pt 1 Creating Watercolor Effect

I got so many comments of an image that I posted earlier in the week, I thought perhaps I could expand a little more, and make a series of How to Posts for my Thursday’s Post. This is the sample image of the watercolor effect I referred to earlier, this is from a single photograph. I took in Melbourne last weekend.  So how do you create the watercolor effect? Read on….


Water Color Technique…

Open your image in PS, if it is a RAW image, first open in PS RAW and alter as required, lighten, darken, etc. You can of course open in PS and using various curves adjustments to get the image as you wish. Once you have done that you can begin. It does not matter if the image is RAW or JPEG, same technique applies.

  1. Make a duplicate layer of the image, and then turn the ‘eye’ off to hide that layer for the moment WC_1
  2. Add an adjustment layer; layer>layer mask>hide all. This allows you to work on your image non destructively. WC_2
  3. Using the paint brush and select white as your foreground color (white reveals, black hides) slowly paint to reveal the area you wish to show. Now I have been using a soft water color brush, but you can use anything that has a soft edge, you can make your own (tutorial here). This adds a lovely softness to the edges of what is revealed. WC_3
  4. Now turning on your top layer (click ‘the eye’ again), change the mode to Multiply and you can then alter this to make it appear drawing like; Filter > Stylize> Find Edges WC_4
  5. Now you need to make more black and white >image>adjustments>desaturateWC_5
  6. Now to make it stand out a little more images> adjustments > levels and adjust as required by moving the slider…..try moving the black and white closer together WC_6
  7. Then add another adjustment layer to this layer; layer> layer mask> hide all. WC_7
  8. Again using the same paint brush, or another alternative brush, using white to reveal simply brush over to allow the layer to be revealed. WC_8
  9. You should now have some areas of drawing, some areas of photo, with water like painting effect around the edge. If you are not completely happy with the result, using black you can hide parts of the image and toggle between layers, hiding and revealing different bits until you are happy with the final product.

Watercolor RoseThis can now be used as a stand alone image or you can put in a Digital Scrapbook page, which I will cover off in more next week.

For more info on scrapbooking, or to buy brushes, patterns, packs etc you can visit this website, / blog which I found very helpful, by Katie Pertiet. Until then Happy Snapping…….

– Julz