Photo Rehab Cover Makeover – The Summer of Chasing Mermaids

Apparently this week’s title is another book for Photo Rehab’s Cover Makeover, is The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by author Sarah Ockler. For those who have not heard, each week for this challenge, we attempt to re create, or completely make over a book cover or movie poster, as we see fit. Apart from that there are no rules, it is not a competition, just some post processing fun. Apparently it is a romance, but I have not read it, they seem to pick books and movies, which are unknown to me, but maybe this means I do not get out enough……….or am I getting out too much and not enough time spent indoors with a DVD player or books? lol Anyway as soon as I saw the title I knew the exact image I wanted to use, I mean I had a mermaid costume and set made especially so why not use it!

The backdrop is real, the girl and the costume are both real, the rock and the water are both however Photoshopped, I simply took the image and added text………….sorry bit of a cheat this week.

Julie Powell_ChasingMermaids