Manic Mondays

Yup, that time again. Things have been quiet still in the studio, but I don’t mind, it gives me a chance to work on my own projects, namely teaching Moth how to shoot off Auto before our big trip away.


So we are all booked and just waiting for our time to leave. We will do 3 days of Astronomy, Physics, Geek stuff and 2 days of tourist stuff. We are doing Sunrise and Walk around Uluru on our First Day and then Walpa Gorge and Olgas, followed by Sunset at Uluru. We will then do our astro photography lesson, lectures etc, Stellar Sounds of Silence (we get a special version apparently) and then our photography shoot and Dark Cosmos lecture. Followed the next day with another Sunrise at Uluru, more lectures, talks, and stuff. Then on out last full day with go out to Kings Canyon………whirlwind tour indeed. Can’t wait.

New Lens

So last week I mentioned the new lens, for those who didn’t ask it s the Sigma 10-24mm f3.5. So far I really have not had much chance to play with it, but what i have done has been a bit of a learning curve. I usually shoot with my 18-200mm so if people walk in front of me, next to me etc it doesn’t matter as they are not really in shot, essentially I can hoot over everyone’s head, great in tourist areas, but not so brilliant in tight spaces like the train museum the other week. So now anyone standing next to me or slightly in front of me is in shot. i keep shooting arms, elbows, camera bags, trees I don’t wont etc. There is not as much curve to the image as I thought. I figure at 10mm it may have a slight fish eye appearance, but it does not, not really, so I am happy with that. The images are sharp, which is paramount, but I am yet to shoot some big landscapes, maybe head back down to Sorrento or Rye soon.

Winter Nights

Sunset 150715-1811During the week, we braved the cold and winter and headed out for a very brief sunset shoot, more to teach Moth and for me to play with my new lens than anything. Nothing really note worthy from that night, but I did get some nice color in the sky, albeit very briefly.


Taggerty Cascade-Very early Saturday morning we rose before the birds to drive up to Marysville to photography Taggerty Cascade Waterfalls, we had finally had some rain last week, so we figured it was a good time to go. Great morning out with a great new group of people I met through a Facebook photography group, there was about 10 of us, we met at the Bakery in Marysville and then headed up the muddy, dirt tracks to the falls. A little hairy in spots, I don’t think my car will ever be clean again! Moth really gave the camera a work out, and we both played with wide angle, macro and telephoto. I was exhausted by the time we got home, but a great day out. Will do a feature post later.

Taggerty Cascade--2

What’s coming up?

A follow up post  Model trains; which should please some, as well as the second part to my series in digital scrap booking. I have been getting creative with some more DIY Projects for future posts and have been in discussion with some more Photographers to feature for next Month as my Feature of Ray Collins went down so well last week. But more on that later. I have been joining a few different photography groups, some for company, some for inspiration, some to learn. I went out with one group to Marysville as I mentioned before, but there are so many photography groups in Melbourne, it’s amazing; ND Long Exposure, AstroPhotography, Light painting, just to name a few. Hopefully I will get to go out with some of them in the follow weeks, really looking forward to a Light Painting event which may be happening soon. Not much as to tell you, I have some more portrait shoots lined up for this week………but that is about all.

Til next time, I hope you all have a great week…….happy snapping

– Julz