20 Tips and Tricks for New Photographers

Over the last  few months I have been writing various different posts on simple tips and tricks, in regards to many things photographic. Some I have learnt on the fly, sometimes I have done research and learnt things on my own, sometimes I have been taught by others in the know. In each situation where I have learnt something new, I have endeavored to write a post about it, often linking to various other tutorials. So please feel free to look around and if there is something you would like to see that is not here, let me know.

Photography Basics & How To’s

1. Teaching the Basics to a a beginner My Husband recently acquired my old camera and I have been teaching him the basics. Much like myself he started shooting in Auto Mode and wanted to learn more.

2. Astro Photography Shoot In the field, looking at and discovering how to shoot Astro (Milky Way Galaxy) Photography

3 . Still Life A look at shooting still life photography, simple, easy, yet effective

4 . Delving into the world of Macro Photography A look at Macro photography, reverse macro and light tubes

Tech and Gear

5 . ICE ND1000 Filter Review In depth look at one brand & type of Neutral Density Filters

6. Review of Nikon D5300 My first camera, the good, the bad, the ugly……..what I honestly thought about my camera

7. Lens Filters A look at various different lens filters, what they do and when and where to use them

Post Processing and Photoshop

8. Making Ripples and Reflections Creating a ripple effect and reflections in Photoshop, includes links to tutorials

9. How to make your own watermark brush in Photoshop Want to create your own unique and interesting watermark and copyright for your photos? This tutorial goes through it step by step.

10. Digital Scrapbooking Pt 1 – Creating the water color effect This is a fabulous little effect I have used in portraits for client, as well as myself

Home Studio & Portrait Photography

11. Creating a Home Studio Simple ideas for setting up a photographic studio in your own home, in this case my garage.

12. Setting up studio Lights Setting up studio umbrella lights for portrait sittings

13. Studio Schedules When shooting portraits in a studio, beach or even gardens, it is sometimes easier to create a shooting schedule.

14. When Good Babies Go Bad Dealing with baby portraits, ideas, coping, poses and photos

15. Couples Portrait Shoot Working with couples to get the most out of their studio portrait sitting

16. Kids Fantasy Shoots Creating, making and shooting children fantasy portraits

17. Reflectors and Rain Dealing with sudden and unexpected issues during a shoot, studio and outdoor.

Concepts, Ideas and Discussions

18. Going Solo or safety in numbers Safety issues and ideas for shooting solo whether in the city or in the bush

19. Fuzzy Concepts How to make something from nothing, using and building on creative ideas

20. The Social Experiment One way to go about finding free models for poses practice, I created my own Social Experiment.

If you would like to see more on my photographic travels, you can check out my archives here

– Julz