OWPC – Tornado

owpc-logo-21 This week’s OWPC is torando, I have never been in a tornado, actually I don’t think I have even met someone who has, here in Australia, we get Cyclones which come in over the water, which are a bit like tornadoes in the devastation side of things, but I have seen many natural disaster films; like Twister and such and if they are anything to go by there is wind, rain, hail and torrential winds. These images are nothing like the real thing, but on the day they were shot, it sure felt like it!wpid-20141120_163845.jpg

Flinders Beach

I know looking at Jennifer’s work I should really be getting more artistic and putting my graphics to better use, perhaps that is something I can work on shortly :-), for now I will leave you with these.

– Julz