D.I.Y. Digital Scrapbooking, Pt 2 Creating the Scrapbook Design

A little while ago, I saw a post on Digital Scrapbooking and I thought this was a wonderful idea. I used to be fascinated with normal photo scrapbooking, but never seemed to get around to it, also I really had no where to display them, and I guess it just got stored for future options in my mind………and promptly forgotten about, until now. So, now I can create them and display them here or on my website, or I can create them for clients; I could create some lovely collages of children and babies. But for now I am just playing. I have downloaded some brushes, created a few of my own, made some patterns for backgrounds, and I think I might need to create some ribbons and bows and possibly some lace. All of the images are my photos and I have done all the work in Photoshop. I use a lovely technique which I covered last week for a Water Color Effect for Photos. I know this is not for everyone, it is not fine art, nor is it photography really, it is more of a folk art or craft, but that in itself is a form of Art. I guess it is just something fun to explore and anytime you explore in PS (or any other program) you learn a little bit more.

Botanic Garden Scrapbook

But first; this is a collage or montage of 4 different photos taken at the Royal Botanic Gardens, in Melbourne on the weekend – nothing fancy, just playing with my new wide angle lens I had just bought; and some macro shots thrown in as well. I have used the same watercolor technique to process all of the images and placed them in separate layer in PS. I have not added anything extra that most people do in Scrap Booking, there is no additional little bits of paper or buttons, or flowers………although you could easily introduce those.

Scrap Book Technique…

  • I started with a 12″ x 12″ (any size or shape would work) background in PS and placed a basic square, then I added patterned background from the Natural Textures supplied in PS and added a colored layer over the top, in this case a pale blue.
  • I then gradually added the individual images which I had already applied the watercolor technique too. You could do the technique direct if you wish, but I had already created them.
  • I then finished with a final layer of text (which I used a FX blended layer with inner show, drop shadow, and highlights – play until you are happy with your effects). I then added my water mark, this is optional of course.


So this is another version, very similar to the first one. Started with a neutral background, then added some lace (I have a lace brush) and then added the butterflies with PS Special FX Brush (in settings), Added little Miss Grace (also with the watercolor effect), added the rose from earlier and then added the text.

This gives a lovely soft effect to a newborn portrait, it could be as fun and as colorful as you wish, check out normal scrap booking for ideas, there is so much you can do. There are a whole array of free background, brushes and patterns that can be downloaded. Obviously there are also a lot for sale, many at minimal cost, but that is your call. You could try making your own as well. There are many tutorials on line for doing various effect, filters and items in Photoshop.

Have fun and play…………til next time happy snapping

– Julz