Manic Mondays

Another week, another Monday, it has been a little on the quiet side, which has left me time to catch up on a few projects, meet up a with a few other photographers, and actually catch up on some domestic chores……….ho hum……well some one has to do them, the cleaner fairy are on strike again!

Marysville-I spent the week sorting and out editing the pics from our trip to Marysville last weekend and write up a technical guides. I must say after putting the repaired camera and lens through it’s paces, as well as the new wide angle, I think I am fairly confident of a great trip to Uluru, and so is Moth. He got some truly stunning photos on his first real time on manual.

On Saturday I woke to glorious winter sunshine, it was too nice a morning to stay inside, or even the confines of my own garden, so I picked up my backpack and headed out into the local neighborhood to see what I could find. I had heard about a little spot called Frog Hollow, so I thought I would check that out, have been meaning to for a while, also made a new friend at the local Pony Club. I also found a grove of sensational Magnolia trees all in blossom, all just waiting for me and my camera.

I also played around with some macro stacking, ( I bought a bunch of flowers for a friend’s birthday, but I decided to photograph them before I gave them too her, I’m sure she didn’t mind!). I created 1 image from 3 different images, with 3 different focus points. Was quite happy with the end result, will have to play with more.

Not too much on this week, new challenges, reviews, tutorials, and our visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. So I will will leave it there for now, here’s hoping you all have a great week.

– Julz