One Four Challenge – July Week 4

Week 4 of Robyn’s One Four Challenge, I went back to the original image, I wanted to stay clear of another completely abstract look. I must say people either loved or loathed the last one(Ok so loathe is probably a bit strong, but they did not really like it, compared to other versions)…….hehehe. It’s nice to get feedback from various different people, it is interesting the responses you get. This time instead of finishing off with B&W, like I normally have a tendency to do, I wanted something soft and dreamlike.

White Rose 4-2

took the original image and ran through Nik Effects Color Pro and tried various different filters and slider til I was happy with the effect, looking back on the month it is difficult to tell it is all from the same image. I think I like how I have changed it so radically, yet still had something so unique to each version.

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Til next tim, happy snapping……….I’m off to find something to use for next month’s challenge!

– Julz