Winter Outings – Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

We visited here on a whim recently, I had just purchased a new wide angle lens (10-24mm f 3.5 Sigma), and Moth had just got the other camera back from repair, so we decided to do a few quick stops to test out both. First there is a little bridge, which I have been wanting to photograph, over the Yarra it is just before the City.

We were so close to the Gardens entrance, we figured we may as well go for a quick wander around. We honestly didn’t really do the gardens true justice while we were there, it is such a large place, with so many thing to look at, but it was so, so cold, and it kept raining on and off. We were, however more interested in trying out different lens on different cameras, but we did get a few nice shots.

Unfortunately it was very cold, very wet and windy day, that cold snap across the east coast of Australia, that brought snow to QLD! We hung around for a while, but when the rain returned we figured it was time to leave. I was surprised to see how many people were there, I am always surprised by the Tourist in Melbourne, and what they get up to when the weather is not too great, But I guess if you have limited time for sight seeing, you just get out and do it – that’s what we did in New Zealand.

I did get one little thrill…….I posted an image on Instagram and it was liked by the Gardens Instagram account! Someone is on the ball! I will leave you with a gallery from the gardens, we will have to re visit (like everything else).

Happy snapping

– Julz