Wrap up on July

I thought I might start to do a wrap up at the end of each month, everything seems to be so hectic and there is possibly a post here and there you may have missed. So I will break it down into some basics categories

Things we did and places we visited

Tech Talk, How to’s, Kit, Gear and Reviews

Featured Photographer


So what’s on next Month?

The usual Manic Mondays, Photographics Challenges of course; I do at least one a day, helps to keep me focused. I am featuring another favourite photographer, I have recently bought 2 new tripods (this year) and am thinking about doing a review on both. I’m going to do a post or two on our Wintery cold trip to Marysville and the Taggerty Cascade Waterfalls, as well as some other fabulous things we have planned; especially our trip to Central Australia! Add to that the Studio and a few day trips thrown in here and there, a few tutorials to round it all out and it makes for another busy month.

– Julz