Manic Mondays

Another day, another dollar? Maybe spent, but not really earned 🙂 Another quiet week in the studio, just as well, things are on the go. I can’t believe it’s barely a little over a week until we go away again. And of course another Month over, I feel like I blinked and missed July, even though a lot happened; it was over so quickly.

dynamic-range_aug15-1Dynamic Range

I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I have been working with a few other photographers in putting together a photographic E-magazine; DYNAMIC RANGE. You are reading about the new Artistic Director! Yes little ole moi!

This is primarily a magazine by women about photography, although I am sure both Men & Women  will enjoy it. It is about all things Photographic, so there will be travel stories as well as technique ideas & tutorials, Reader’s Gallery, possibly product reviews and of course some great images. Our very first issue will be out in August – so, very, very soon. I guess my years of desktop publishing and even a stint as assistant editor will pay off, not to mention my rad graphic design skills!!! Modesty in all things! LOL It will be out very shortly…I’ll keep you updated and post a link where you can purchase it.

Leaving our Comfort Zone

Light Painting

Moth and I spent some time on the weekend completely out of our comfort zone in an abandoned building, learning light painting photography from some very nice, but could easily have been (but were not) suspect people, we had never met them before. It was certainly interesting and it got the old adrenalin pumping. I am still buzzing…will definitely do a follow up post on this. A very cool Light Painting Workshop, with some very cool people.

Winter Outings

I know I have been mentioning the trip we had to Marysville quite a bit, finally I have finished editing all the images and I have a post on our day trip, as well as a post on the Taggerty Cascade Waterfalls, and a feature on using ND Filters, a follow up of sorts from my first attempt, way back in March. Moth and I also attempted another night time shoot, down at the beach……..unfortunately too many clouds and a full moon made stars impossible, but we got some cool long exposures of the beach.

Moth and I also did our first foray into Urbex……..quite exciting, more on that to come, as well.

The Week ahead

Now my media pass for Uluru is finalized, I can start packing, as it is all really, really happening. I am busy trying to pre write several blogs and challenges for while we are away, not that we are going for very long. But I am sure you can all forgive me if I miss one or two, I promise to make up for it when we get back. Although in saying that any images used from within the National Park I have to get approved before I can upload them here, so I may write a post or two, while I am away (maybe, maybe not) but the images will have to wait 😦

Of course in the mean time, I will be posting as normal, Tech Talk, DIY, Winter Outings and Challenges. A New month means new One Four Challenge, as well as a new One Photo Focus Challenge. All shoots in the studio are on hold til after we get back, pretty much til the end of August, due to family commitments – birthdays and the like. I think August will feel like it’s over before it’s even started. Why does time always fly when you are having fun?

Well I guess that’s it, I’ll leave you with some sneak peaks for the week ahead

Til next time, happy snapping

– Julz