Good thing it was dark

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Isn’t Your Face Red.”

The stupid thing is I just wrote a post about this very same thing last week! I was out, at night shooting some night time sky shots, there was a Blue Full Moon and it was huge, but when I checked my first couple of images, they were very, very dark?? A bit strange, until I realized I’d done it again and left the damn lens cap on!  Call me Stupid!!! at least it was just Moth and I, it was dark and we were alone…….sounds like the start of a romance novel doesn’t it?

There was a full moon, we were at the beach at night, it was dark, we were alone………………and rugged up to the eyeballs – it was freezing!!! No romance going on here folks, move along! lol Moth just gave me that look (you know THAT look, the long suffering look you get from your spouse, when you have again done something dumb?), rolled his eyes, sighed and kept playing with his camera. So much sympathy from a man who has shot on manual, like three times, wait til he does it I am going to pay out on him big time!!

– Julz