Photography – Covering the Basics

Being only relatively new myself, and teaching Moth how to shoot as well, I sometimes find myself a little lost and confused. Moth thinks his way through a shot, I feel my way through it…….it is a very different process and it actually produces different images of the same thing; well slightly different. However sometimes, when I am in the zone, I lose the basics – I get the motion blur, and graininess, I get lighter and darker, but I often still get a little confused on aperture and so does Moth, so I made up this chart and we have attached to our tripods, it’s a great tool, so I thought I would share it, it covers all the basics and is simple to look at, at a quick glance.


There are some really great online tutorials available as well, here are just a few;

Feel free to copy, share and use the chart

– Julz