Winter Waterfalls – Taggerty Cascades

Marysville-“Take a short scenic drive beside the Taggerty River to discover raging waterfalls that cascade over enormous granite boulders, bubbling creeks, beautiful tree fern gullies under tall eucalypts, and finally enter a magical ancient rainforest that looks much as it has for many millions of years. The Drive was named after the wife of Sir Reginald Talbot, Governor of Victoria from 1903-1908.” Drive

Head out from Marysville to Lady Talbot Drive, past the Taggerty River Picnic Area, Keppel Falls and Phantom Falls and park in the Taggerty Cascade Car Park, from there you can do several walks, across the road to the right is the Taggerty Cascades Upper Walk, which is a very short, but lovely walk. See Map here. The boardwalks and stairs provide mostly easy access and are quite good, however it was still quite wet and slippery after the week’s rains.

There is a lovely spot just before the bridge to take some photos as well. Then you can head down to the left to the Taggerty Cascades Lower Walk, as well as the Beeches Walk. They day we were there the Beeches Walk was closed, so we were not able to do this. Start this spectacular circuit walk from the Taggerty Cascades car park or The Beeches. The ancient rainforest features groves of Myrtle Beech trees (Nothofagus cunninghamii) with many trees over 300 years old! Follow the steep track, there are some stairs as well, down past the two bridges to the tranquil bubbling Whitehouse Creek joins the Taggerty River at the Meeting of the Waters. It was extremely wet and slippery when we were there, but it is worth the long arduous climb back up. [Please note: Lady Talbot Drive beyond The Beeches is accessible to Two Wheel Drive vehicles only in dry weather conditions.] We did not venture beyond this point in our car. It was supposedly only 150m (20 min walk round trip), but I think it is much more than this. Perhaps that is to the first bridge, with the spectacular waterfall, it is like a scene out of a Movie.

To read more on our trip out to Marysville read here. Until next time, happy snapping

– Julz