Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #6

Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Makeover #6 for this week is another Book “The House we grew up in” by Lisa Jewell.
This is yet another book I have not read, and quite frankly I did not even look this one up, as for some reason it reminded me very strongly of the old teenage angst book ‘Flowers in the Attic’ by V.C Andrews. Have you ever read it? A terrible tale of 4 children locked in an attic by a vain and selfish Mother and a gruel angry Grandmother. I devoured the pages as a teenager, cruel, viscous intent born on those pages, it was so popular there was a whole book shelf of follow ups and sequels. They even made a movie of it back in 1987, apparently remade it again in 2014………the books were much better, far more vile and evil. But I digress, so here is my take on this week’s challenge.

This is a composite of several different shots, which I blended in Photoshop, added some grunge layers, added a ‘fog’ layer and some simple text. Looking through the trees at this simple yet, possibly foreboding house (which was actually a really nice B&B in Christchurch NZ (sorry). I overlaid and blended with a really creepy image Mavora Lakes Forest, also in NZ.

– Julz