Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath my feet

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

I am going through a period of exploration with some grunge and urban decay, it gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction, weird right? Making art, something almost beautiful out of something intrinsically ugly. Humanity has it’s ugly side, as well as it’s beautiful side; perhaps it is just the inner artist within me?

There was mystery in these shoes at my feet, I was drawn to them, It seems to be a recurring theme of late, me and abandoned shoes. A friend once said he instantly thought of Zombies with my last shoe…….then these images must bring him joy LOL.

Just in case you are worried I have gone completely over to the Dark Side, here is some foot prints I left in the sand…….I circled around and took this photo. There was not another soul on the beach; I was free, I was alone, it was pure joy – sun on my skin and waves softly crashing next to me. My foot prints was the only sign of life in that moment.

Feet_Sunny– Julz