Winter Outings – Getting out of the Comfort Zone

This is a follow up post from last week’s Tuesday Tales………it was so very, very cool and I have more photos!

Moth and I decided this year we would not hibernate over Winter, and we have in fact been very good, we get at out least every other weekend, sometimes all weekend, we have spent several wonderful days exploring places we have never been, meeting people we have never met, and learning about photography as we had ventured around. We have amassed gear for walking beach and mountain in the cold winter conditions. We have been to snow, waterfalls, beaches, towns, cities, bird sanctuaries and many others, but a recent trip took us completely out of our comfort zone.

I found this Light painting Workshop on Facebook and thought it looked like a lot of fun, I would never have ventured out on my own. We met a group of individuals for some night time light painting in an abandoned building in the city. I won’t say where it was, as I am not entirely sure we were actually allowed in there (However it is a very popular spot). It was kind of an adrenaline rush of sorts……..sneaking around abandoned buildings in the dark, meeting people we did not know and have never met (apart from online)…….they could very easily have been axe murderers! OK, OK a touch melodramatic…..but you get the idea. There is a little more info and some more pictures from a post a last weekΒ (Tales from the Shoot).

I have had a fascination with light painting, I really had no idea how to do it, or where to do it, you need a fair bit of room and darkness. Sneaking around, climbing through cut barbed wire fences, gave us the first inkling, that perhaps this wasn’t completely legal, I foresaw police lights and a trespassing charge in our future, but it was exciting. (There was never any police lights…….and we did not get into any trouble, just in case you were wondering).

Most of the really cool pics I have already posted [here], but these are a few additional ones of graffiti and other lights that we got to play with.

– Julz