Featured Photographer – Jude Allen

11178317_1599761203571661_2945030028165868344_nJude Allen is another photographer I have been following on Social Media for quite awhile, his imagery is a little different, but there is something special there, something about his work speaks to me, they are full of life and color and symmetry. This Dude is not afraid of heights, that is for sure and judging by all the nighttime and /or early morning shots a bit of a night owl! His photos have a soft, surreal, almost dreamlike appearance to them, Jude appears to shoot a fair bit of long exposure, with soft silky water and rushing clouds. I also love the fact that Jude doesn’t just shoot one thing, granted there are very few people in his photos, but he has 4 main galleries; seascapes, cityscape, landscapes & some composite shots. I adore his Nighttime Cityscape, these cities (all appear to be in USA) are so full of life and vitality, even with no people in them, these photos have the appearance of teeming with life. When he does use people they are not random, but add some quality to the image, as in the B&W with the red jacket and umbrella or the red jacket on the stairs, featured below.  I adore his astro shoots, as he always features some other element to them, not just the sky. It urges me to shoot more astro, and to play and create with light and color. Jude currently makes his home base in the Bay area, California.

I asked Jude a few questions, which he graciously agreed to answer for me;

When did you first pick up a camera? and why? 

“I first bought a camera to take photos of objects to incorporate them into flyers and logos I was doing during my music days. I didn’t actually learn how to shoot until I started doing skateboarding photos of my friends a few years ago. I quickly learned that manual mode was the only way for me and then about a year later I started doing landscapes which then sparked a total obsession for me.”

Apart from nature and the natural elements..what inspires you?

“I would say people pushing the envelope of what is possible creativity wise. It can be music, painting, skateboarding, photography etc. I tend to gravitate toward things that are not the norm as I find the norm somewhat boring. Also those that are bold and almost rebellious in what they do stands out to me a lot.”

Do you have a methodology to your shooting or do you just go with the flow? 

“Well if you were to know me you would know that I am not very organized. I would say I go with the flow. Clouds, light, subjects change direction all the time. I like to think I can be somewhat fluid to capture those moments.”

You can follow Jude on Facebook or Instagram (Instagram: jude_allen) and of course you can check out his galleries on his website here. I will leave you with a few images from his Facebook page.

So many thanks to Jude for his time and allowing me to share a few images. Til next time………..happy snapping

– Julz