Tuesday’s Tales – Urban Exploration

Moth and I had so much fun at our Light Painting Workshop, the building was a fabulous abandoned old cotton mill and warehouses, we only had a little time to look around before our workshop started and we vowed to come back. We were both so excited about it, we were back sooner than we had anticipated. So we went on a cold, blustery Sunday afternoon and apparently, so did a lot of other people, this is no secret spot during the day!

We saw people shooting what appeared to be fashion shoots, cos play shoots, looked like a cop show drama being filmed, as well as a music video. There were people creating new street art on the walls, photographers all over the place, same as us, actually it was quite a busy spot, this fabulous old building is not quite so sinister in the daylight hours, however still quite dangerous in spots.

Apparently the whole area has been earmarked for a sub division and shopping mall, such a shame, as it is obvious a favorite spot for many people. It is still quite dangerous during the day, lots of broken glass from smashed windows and alcohol bottles, as well as holes and pits where machinery has been removed. There are tranches and platforms to catch unwary feet, debris everywhere, as well as plenty of pigeon poop!

All in all a fabulous place, we climbed into one building and I was traversing the stairwell when a dark shape loomed over me – Batman! Seriously, you do not expect to meet Batman, and The Joker and Harlequin in an abandoned building, outside of Gotham of course!

We wandered around the outside of the building, however most of the good stuff is on the inside, we had only seen a small section of the interior previously, so to wander around, looking at the street art, the small treasures amongst the debris, chatted to other photographers, and cos play actors /artists. It was like a big dance, everyone trying to keep out of everyone else’s way, there was lots of banter and jokes and such a fun atmosphere. I hope we get to come back before they bulldoze it. I will leave you now with a gallery of images. This was our first foray into urban exploration as such and my first time of really playing with the grunge factor; something very different for me, enjoy and be kind 🙂

P.S. we went in knowing the state of the area, with protective gear, sturdy clothes and very sturdy hiking boots. If you are doing any Urbex, please check it out carefully before entering as it can be very dangerous, some places have asbestos and don’t forget pigeon poop is actually quite dangerous…….where we were was all exposed, but in enclosed areas, masks would be a very good idea.

Happy snapping & play safe

– Julz