Winter Outings – Frog Hollow Wetlands

Frog Hollow WetlandsThis year I have become a really big fan of exploring your own backyard; it is truly amazing what you can find. A perfect example is Frog Hollow Wetlands. I heard about Frog Hollow a little while back, honestly I had never heard of it, and I live not 10 minutes away and regularly drive straight passed it! In my defense it has only just celebrated it’s 1st birthday, quite a feet considering what I saw on Google Maps (obviously taken at least 12 months ago and what I find there now, when looking for directions). So I awoke one Winter’s morning recently to one of those rare days of no cloud and brilliant sunshine; it was crisp, clear and the sun had a glorious strength to it, too nice to spend indoors, So I grabbed my camera and headed out to check out Frog Hollow.

There are several sports fields and a building for facilities, there is a playground, of course the car park and I think what looked liking BBQ facilities, what I did not expect was what else I found. Enter the car park and take a walk to the left of the sports buildings, I followed the bike/ walking path (all new) and found a charming little frog pond, or Frog Hollow. It was still quite early in the morning when I was there, and the cacophony of sound from frogs and wildlife was astonishing, even when I wandered quite close it did not cease. There were these bulrushes or grasses with the most fascinating seed head, looked like a furry rat stuck to a stick. I have no idea of the plant name or species.

Frog HollowActually I found all manner of flowers, seed pods and flora in this wonderful little spot, I was in some spots I was actually less than 20 meters from the main road, completely cocooned in native trees and shrubs! I floundered around here for a while, thinking this was what I had come here to find, it was quaint, there was a duck pond of sorts, which I followed along the edge as best as I could. I finally made my way back around to the sports facilities and noticed that the pathways also extended to the right.

What I found was thrilling to say the least, this was the Frog Hollow Wetlands, a huge waterway with islands and intersecting pathways; some concrete, some gravel. There were bridges, and there were people everywhere, this place was no secret, I had just never heard about it until recently. And of course there was bird life; ducks, swan, geese, cormorants, swallows, Galahs, cockatoos, wattle birds, I think I saw Rosella as well. So many, and so quick in the early morning light. I wandered along, taking a few shots, listening to the birds (no frogs down this end). There were lots of native plants, trees and shrubs. It was delightful, I spent several hours just wandering the paths, unfortunately the Winter weather had decided to return by this time, so I sadly made my way back to the car.

So do not forget to explore you own back yard, even the new editions, you can usually spot something photo worthy. For sure, considering how close Frog Hollow is, I will be back, and this time I’ll take Moth!

Til Next time, happy snapping

– Julz