Tech Talk – Night Shoots Pt 1

The Trouble with astro photography, or even night shoots is that you never really know what you are going to end up with, and quite frankly being prepared is the key. I’ll give you a good example; the other week we had clear skies (I mean crystal clear – no clouds at all), for a whole day, I kept watching and watching all day, I checked the forecast and cloud wasn’t expected in my favorite spot until about 10pm that night, so hastily made plans to leave work early so Moth and I could take a quick trip down the coast.

Unfortunately I had not noticed it was a full moon, 1st mistake, 2nd was that the clouds rolled in quicker than we expected. We got a fairly good sunset as a bonus. We also got a fabulous moon rise…… was an appearance by a blue moon – who knew (well I did not). So after a quick stop at Rye Beach for a sunset,  we went to our spot, set up out cameras, showed Moth the lay of the land (it is on a bluff and there were no fences). We attempted to shoot the Moonrise………..harder than it looks, everything is so dark, but the moon is so bright.

We headed back into town for dinner, and to wait for it to be completely dark, trouble is but that stage more cloud had come in, and the full moon made it too bright for star shots. The up shot was we had some great practice with long exposures due to the moonlight over the ocean!

This was really the only star shot I got that night………..we live and learn, stars need no cloud and no moon! Hence where our trip to Central Australia came into being. I will post more next week, in Part 2, stay tuned for some truly spectacular images, forget the modesty this a ***** awesome!!!!!!!

– Julz