Manic Mondays

I’m back……….did you miss me? lol

Well I proved to myself I am not a complete Blog addict, I checked in usually once a day or at least every second day, and I did one random post while we were away……..not too bad I reckon.

So to our trip, I cannot believe it’s over already, isn’t it just the way? You spend ages planning everything and then poof, it’s all over and done with! But I can honestly say it was amazing, amazeballs even (Hey you know it’s good when someone drags out amazeballs, right?). DSC_4538-EditI am still going through all the images and will put a post up at least once a week, featuring various places we went, some including Uluru and Kata Tjuta I am still waiting on approval (yes you need approval to place on a blog or any commercial enterprise – like a emag), so they will come later. In the meantime I will feature other spots we visited.

The panorama above is one of the salt flats near Curtain Springs Cattle Station,  about 1/4 way between Ayers Rock and Alice Springs. These salt flats are not like others, they are soft with almost like a quicksand beneath, very dangerous and you certainly cannot drive on them.

We spent a week, with nothing but blue, blue skies, red, red sand and lots of grasses, especially one particularly nasty spinifex, which took a liking to cutting me, everywhere my hiking boots didn’t cover – ouch! It really is a thriving, if fragile ecosystem, it’s a desert but a living, breathing landscape. There are supposedly animals everywhere, during the day the normal kangaroos, wallabies, birds and such – we only saw birds, a few lizards and some dingoes! No Kangaroos. At night there were lots of bats, fortunately we never saw the other inhabitants due to the cold; giant barking spiders, tarantulas, scorpions, hopping mice, Bilby (I would love to see a Bilby, kind of a cross between a mouse and a wallaby), and moles.

We attended several lectures, it was an Astro Weekend after all, physics, dark masses, the cosmos, astrologists, scientists and many other super smart people, actually a lot of it went straight over my head……..oh well I guess it puts me back in my place………hehehehe not so smart now, am I? Some things were fabulous, some were interesting (like the WMA Radio Telescopes in WA). We spent most mornings shooting the sunrise from various places, the days visiting all the touristy things or attending lectures, occasionally catching 40 winks, then shooting sunset, dinner and then out shooting again at night. It was a busy, exhausting, gruelling schedule; but I wouldn’t have missed any of it.

I will leave it here for now and starting posting a few bits every now and then.

– Julz