One Four Challenge – August Week 4

Every week Robyn at Captivate me host the One Four Challenge.Β This month I have been working with a poor photo, which has a composition I loved and I wanted to see what I could do to save it….this is a Long exposure shot taken at Taggerty Cascade a few weeks back. I continued on from last week’s image.


So I have brought up the highlights a little more, making the waterfall very milky, and softening where it hits the water. I have brought up the saturation in the greens and yellows a touch more. I then brought into Photoshop when I added a few adjustment layers, masking off the bright highlights at the top and made them softer, and a touch under exposed. I ran through several luminosity masks, and then ran through a detail enhancer. The colors Pop more now, however I seem to have lost a little definition in some spots. Oh well, so much for trial and error. I think perhaps I still prefer the B&W version.

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Which version do you prefer?

– Julz