And now for something completely different………

A few weeks back, I was approached by a Professor from Melbourne University in regards to a ARC (Australian Research Council)Discovery Project based on Artworks and History in and around Melbourne, in particular the leading lights of Melbourne. They asked if they could use my images in their application which is a joint project between ARC, Deakin and Melbourne Universities on various areas in and around Melbourne. The idea is to show an image as an example of professional photographic work featuring the lights within the digital content for the area, plus my comment on what inspired me to take the photo.

The aim is for people to be able to view a range of records about different themes associated with the lights (in this case) that will let them see heritage images, photos/artworks (like mine), and other text and media to better understand the lights as a historic place and icon of the area.

I thought it sounded exciting and interesting and I said that I would be happy to offer assistance and images, among other images chosen they particularly wanted this one I took earlier in the year and posted on my Lighthouse series. And of course I get full credit for my image and a small comment about it.

Beacon Cove-4-2Will bring you up to date as it gets closer, but it was too exciting I could not keep quiet any longer. It will not make me rich, but I will leave my mark on that little piece of Australian/ Melbourne history. I guess that means I will live forever?! (well until the app is out of date and no longer working lol).

Til next time, happy snapping