Friday Flowers – Desert Blooms

One of the many fascinating facets of the Australian Outback is the desert blooms, even in winter they are many and varied and full of color. To be honest I am not sure of the names for many of them, but there were Callistamon (Bottle brush), Grevillia, Gum nuts and blossoms, Wattle, Bush Orchids, among many others to numerous to name. My very favorite was a single bloom, found in a crack in the concrete, almost like a weed, it is fairly rare, even by NT standards these days;

Sturts Desert Pea,

DSC_4566-EditSwainsona formosa, Sturt’s Desert Pea, is an Australian plant in the genus Swainsona, named after English botanist Isaac Swainson, famous for its distinctive blood-red leaf-like flowers, each with a bulbous black centre, or “boss”. It is one of Australia’s best known wildflowers. It is native to the arid regions of central and north-western Australia, and its range extends into all mainland Australian states with the exception of Victoria.


In springtime, especially in Western Australia, the desert comes to live with miles and miles of bright spring flowers, it is a riot of color.