One Photo Focus – September

For this month’s One Photo Focus image by Ben Rowe, we have a castle in England, I saw this image and again I was instantly inspired, however I had two very different thought processes in mind…………..which to choose?

JuliePowell)OnePhoto Focus Ben Pendennis Castle_2Ultimately I picked this one, as my family said they really liked this version. I applied many and varied techniques to this image, layered it and applied grunge layers, blotted areas out with splash brushes, I converted bits to a drawing filter, and then added further grunge layers, some more musical notes (I see to be drawn to them lately), then I also added some clouds and smoke haze over the top. The vignette is another layer with the middle burnt out.

JuliePowell_OnePhoto Focus Ben Pendennis Castle

Now this one, may take a little bit of explaining; I saw the castle and I instantly thought of old England, St George and the Dragon from old lore. So I removed Ben’s sky and put in a night sky, took out anything new worldly (chairs etc), I added the full moon and dragon (from Google), I also swapped out the flag for a St. George flag, seemed more fitting. I then added a few Templar Knights to guard the door and the King George himself fighting off the dragon on horseback. I then darkened the castle, to make it look dark and brooding and finally added some flourishes. A Little over the top, but I guess it’s becoming expected hahahaha.

Oh and here is Ben Rowe’s original;

OnePhoto Focus Ben Pendennis Castle