Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 10

Photo Rehab Weekly Photo Challenge week 10, The Lord of the Rings, finally a book I know and have read, and not just once. I have seen the movies, been to New Zealand and seen where a lot of it was shot, I have been to Hobbiton even! Yay. The Problem is I didn’t know where to start!

Do I get a bit cheeky here? Yes I think I will, there were many smaller stories in the series, 9 I believe, which were then put into 3 main books. Originally written for children.  It is a classic tale of fantasy, good versus evil, friendships, the courage and conviction of the smallest, meekest person can over throw true evil.

So I give you not just one but three covers; The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

The Lord of The Rings

So I treated all three covers the same way, a poster filter and then text over of the top in Photoshop.

Book 1 is Bilbo & Frodo’s Hobbit Hole in the Hobbitn the Shire, the real movie set in New Zealand. One simple shot, no addons.

Book 2 is a replica Gollum with replica Ring (actually taken in Pellanor Fields where many battle scene were shot, I honestly am not sure if this was Moth or someone else in our group now?), superimposed standing on the bank of Mavora Lake, (where Frodo and Sam got in their boat to take the ring to Mount Doom).

Book 3 is really my Moth dressed as Saruman posing on Pellanor Fields with magnificent sunset composed over the top, almost looks like the Eye of Saurman.

Below is a compilation image I did awhile back……….you just never know when these will come in handy lol……….this is Gandalf on the back of a giant eagle…..actually hanging life size in Wellington airport, suspended from the ceiling, superimposed over the snow capped peaks around Milford Sound, almost looks like the real thing doesn’t it?

gandalf_comp-e1429580766466 (1)

It’s at times like this when I wonder if I have gone too far, am I addicted to these challenges? Perhaps I should find my self a real life? and then I think, nahhhhhhhhhhhh it’s all too much fun lol