One Four Challenge – September Week 1

And it’s back – The One Four Challenge, to be honest I didn’t take a break! I took this photo on the weekend, I am not sure why it captured my attention, something to do with the texture of the wood stool against the rough stone blocks and gravel path. Also the final composition is not the usual 1/3 rule either, but it seemed off that way? I honestly have no idea where I am going to go with the image but here is week 1.Week 1-I straightened, cropped and applied a HDR Filter, then took it into PS and with a duplicate layer, de-saturated it and blended, so as to remove some of the excess yellow and blues. Added a adjustment layer to lighten a touch. I then put it back into Lightroom, added some graininess, a vignette and reduced the yellow some more, I also turned the clarity right up. I feel it has a raw almost painted feel to it; earthy.

This is the original version SOOC.