Tuesday’s Tales – Two year olds’ Cake Smash

On the weekend, just for fun I did a Cake Smash for my 2 year old great niece, along with her Mum, my niece. This was just for fun, for all of us, true Amity is turning 2 this week, we share a birthday so that’s nice too, I mean why to the babies get all the fun?

Being as it was just for fun, and not for profit, we went a little crazy, fully colour coordinated; balloons, cake, confetti, streamers, stars, clothes. We spent a fair bit of time setting up and then took some shots, then we brought in Amity………now I am all for a bit of mess and fun…..and believe me she wasn’t, lol – kids.

Normally people do a 1 year old cake smash, myself included, but oh a 2 year old is so much better. I know 1 is a big deal in a parent’s life, but let’s face it the kid never remembers, not that a 2 year old will either, however they can take a certain amount of direction, they have a better idea of what is going on, and they love to make a mess more than at 1. I suppose in saying that, perhaps we should introduce cake smash for 16th, 18th and 21st? WOW! Actually that could be a lot of fun! 2 year olds, are well also 2 with tantrums and ideas of what they do and don’t want. Little Miss wanted bubbles, cake and that was it, the pretty balloons and princess dresses, were not happening this day. Oh well, you get what you get right?

So now I am considering adding a 2 year old cake smash to my repertoire, these images are A) for Amity’s 2nd Birthday B) For my website and blog C) just a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon. Clean up? not as much mess as we anticipated so not long at all.