Calling for All Selfies

A fellow Blogger Jenny at Bulldog Travels, has come up with a unique Challenge, Calling all Selfies. The idea is to take a B&W Selfie and post it, linking back to her page.

It can be a partial selfie (some of you face covered), or something you feel resembles your self or your ideals. DSLR or Mobile, it is open to all, be as creative as you like.

Mine is a three part selfie, first is me with my camera, the second & third shots taken of my camera and my boots in NT on my mobile, beautiful spot, I was sitting resting for a minute, taking it all in. Reflecting on where my boots and my camera had taken me. They are now an extension to myself, I may spend a lot of time at the PC, whether for work or editing photos, but I truly feel myself, when I am out exploring and shooting nature.

Here are just a few ideas I found for inspiration. I would have love to try something like this, but I so hate having my photo taken. I would like to have tried my own style of glam portrait…………but quite frankly I chickened out. Have you ever tried to spend like an hour studying your own face up close on a PC? In my case, not something enjoyable!

Join me and Jenny, on a voyage of selfie discovery……….hehehehe