PhotoRehab Cover Makeover 11 – The Sound of Music

wpid-photo-jan-1-2013-114-pmPhotoRehab Cover Makeover 11 – The Sound of Music, I too have been to Salzburg, but I was so very young and I have no photos. So let’s move on shall we, can’t say I particularly liked the movie, but I have seen it so that’s a start. I did laugh when I saw deslayjane’s version as my mind immediately jumped to Milford Sound (NZ) as well! Then I looked closely at this poster, the mountain range in the background resembles the Remarkables and the foreground reminds me of Paradise up near Glenorchy, so I went hunting through my photos from New Zealand; again. Then I found this little gem, this is the Hollyford Valley, just before the Homer Tunnel, on the way to Milford Sound.

New Zealand

I kept it really basic, I added a grunge overlay, did an oil painting filter in PS, added some text, downloaded this is a new font called Jazz Dark, it seemed to work.

Marvellous country, New Zealand, fabulous wealth of images for some many challenges – who would have guessed this? I thought I was just going for a holiday 🙂 lol