One Four Challenge – September Week 2

September, Week 2 of Robyn’s One Four Challenge. Not really sure where to go with Week 2, I went looking for something out of the box, inspiration came in the form of artwork at the vet (all animals fine, just a check up). I took last week’s imageΒ and completely dismantled it.

  1. In Photoshop, I created a cross section grid and then using cut via layer I removed one section at a time, until I had 9 different layers each with a different section
  2. I then mixed them all up and then re- joined
  3. added white lines to make it a little more visible
  4. I then De-saturated and then added a blue/pink gradient
  5. I then brought back into Lightroom, added graininess, and a slight white vignette

Chair 2-2

Not my most artistic image, but playing is learning, isn’t it?