Tuesday Tales from the shoot – Looking ahead

Quite frankly I was not sure what to write for this week’s post. I have not been doing many shoots, whether in the studio or even going out on adventures, I have been rather boring. I could bore you all to tears with my tales of housework and weeding, but I do not wish to write about it, and I doubt you would want to read it! So where does that leave me?

So instead of looking back I will look forward and write a short post on things that we are planning over the next few months. First up it’s Spring so plenty of gardens will be about to explode into a riot of color.

tesselaarTesselaars Tulip Festival, is currently in full swing and I hope to get there on Saturday as a last hooray before my knee operation. Then once I get that out of the way (hopefully only be out of action 1 – 2 weeks), we have a very busy October planned, I have activities booked for every weekend; Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen, Gellibrand Hill Homestead (hopefully my knee is up for this one), another Light Painting workshop back at Bradmills (fabulous spot for some more Urbex) and of course I have Weddings, beach, garden, as well as some more family portrait shoots, also planning on some Gardens ones for that too.

**(Images courtesy of Google Images)

This then takes us into November, which quietens down, but only a little. So whether you are enjoying Autumn or Spring, enjoy the gentle warm sunshine and bright colors. Happy Snapping