Imagecraft Bootcamp – High Key

Mitch Zeissler and Lucile de Godoy have created a new bootcamp for more advanced photography techniques. I personally think it’s a brilliant idea and jumped on board, quite literally – I believe I was the first to sign up. Such an over achiever LOL!!

The premise?  Everything related to photography — composition, landscapes, people portraits, animal portraits, architecture, film, street photography, color, black and white, digital, gear, film processing, post-processing on the computer, whatever is of current interest in the photo media, etc.  The list is endless.  Think of it as being somewhat similar to the WordPress Photo 101 course, but a bit more advanced (actually quite a bit more) and with more meat to it — plus additional content that we plan to develop over time.

To find out more, head on over to Mitch’s page or Flickr, now for the first challenge.

Imagecraft Bootcamp Challenge 1 High Key

I took 2 images from a recent portrait shoot, to see how they would look in High Key, following Mitch’s instructions and tweaking slightly for each photo I came up with 2 version for each image (plus the original). I eventually uploaded the Version 1 & 2 of the baby, as the images I was most happy with. I am not sure if it is a technique I would use often, but I am sure it will be useful to know HOW to do it in the future.