Spring Outings – Mordialloc to Blairgowrie

Finally we got some good weather, Spring is a mash up of cold and wet with occasional nice day thrown in, we are currently having a spell of several days in a row, so we had to make the most of them. We headed out to Mordialloc Beach, typically as per my best planning efforts, everyone else seem to head that way due to the warm weather. Not finding a single car park within any walking distance to the beach, we decided to head South along the esplanade to see what we could find.


Due to being partly crippled, today’s trip was mostly driving, with a few stops offs and small walks. We mainly wanted to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, after a long, cold Winter. We passed through and briefly stopped at the occasional Beach Side suburbs including; Chelsea, Carrum, Frankston, Mount Eliza and Mornington, and Seaford Beach, beautiful little beaches, nice and safe for kids, clean water and sand. But a little too busy today, so we headed further South for quieter areas. Which of course took us back into the Mornington Peninsula, however we had not driven this beach road before and found some wonderful, quiet beach areas which are quite possibly packed in Summer, but not today.

Mount Martha, I had always assumed was just the Mountain (we have been there before, this suburb obviously runs from the Mountain down to the beach), I had no idea there was a beach as well. Lovely walks along the beach, as well as interesting rock formations to explore. It is a far drop down from the road to the beach, however the views even from roadside were spectacular. It is also a dog friendly beach, so perhaps one day we can visit with Buddy and Chloe – they have never seen the beach before.

We found another new Lighthouse at McCrae (I feel another Lighthouse Post coming) and more great spots to explore, with very few people, there is a lovely little cove at McCrae and white sandy beaches.

Dromana Beach
Dromana Beach

Dromana had colorful bathing boxes, similar to the ones at Brighton Beach, although possibly not quite as bright and colorful, nor as many, but a terrific spot. We stopped for yummy ice cream and a nice cold drink, after walking the pier and beach front. We headed further South and wandered the Rye Foreshore before finally heading out to Blairgowrie Back Beach.

We have been to Pearse Rd Beach, several times (where we usually go for Astro Shoots) but today we found a new track and followed it to No. 16 Beach……funny name, but what a joy. Fabulous spot for photography and exploring; wide, white sandy beaches, sand dunes and native grasses, rock pools and shallows, as well as interesting rock walls at either side of the cove. Being on the Surf side there was a gentle swell, which is probably much more dramatic in wild weather. We sat in the sand dunes and watched the sunset, we stayed until after the sun had sunk into the Ocean, before finally driving home.

til next time happy snapping