PhotoRehab Cover Makeover – The Cabin in The Woods

PhotoRehab Cover Makeover this week is the Joss Whedon Movie ‘The Cabin in The Woods’. I must say I am a fan of Joss Whedon (Geek alert), I loved Buffy, Angel, Firefly, well just about anything Joss has done, especially Dollhouse & Firefly (Serenity)…………..however I must confess I do not know this movie. How is this possible? True I am not a huge fan of horror movies; maybe this is the reason for it?

Cabin in the Woods

This is a composite of three different photos, the cabin on the lake, the trees and the little bridge/ walkway in the foreground, all blended in PS. The taking the cabin layer I copy via layer a few times and using the transform/warp tool I moved them, flipped them or ballooned them out. Kind of like the original poster but different. (I love how they did the cabin in the poster, very cool). Converted the image to black & white. I then added a translucent layer over the top, diffused with a cloud layer and lowered the opacity. I then added the text, there was a lot of text about actors/directors, release dates I opted to leave it all out.

Have a great weekend, happy snapping…