One Four Challenge – September Week 3

Quite Frankly I was not overly happy with last week’s Image for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. I am beginning to regret my choice of subject for this month’s challenge. But we cannot always get to choose what we work with, so I am soldiering on with it. I figure dismantling the photo and trying a different avenue could be a way to go.


So into Photoshop, with a few grunge backgrounds, some special brushes I went. First I removed the brick wall and gravel completely and placed the stool in front of a concrete image, added shadow to make a edge where it looks like wall meets ground, straightened the stool and placed at this corner and then duplicated the stool, altered the levels and added a Gaussian blur to create shadows. I added a slight Gaussian blur to the concrete wall and I then placed some ivy, for added interest.

Once I was relatively happy with all of that I added a poster edge and dry brush artistic filters. It now looks more like a drawing than a photo, and in some ways so far from the original. I really wanted to explore some artistic emphasis on my photos this month and I now feel I am more back on track.

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